Orphantrust » Day 8: Dhaka University, Talent Show and Sponsorship!

Day 8: Dhaka University, Talent Show and Sponsorship!

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Dhaka’s Got Talent

After the training on Friday and a hectic first week in Dhaka, Menna and me were looking forward to a well deserved lie in yesterday morning. However, Dhaka had other plans. We were awoken at 7.00am by a very loud sound check for what we could only assume was ‘Dhaka’s Got Talent’. Unfortunately Dhaka’s Got Talent was taking place in the play area opposite our apartment, it was extremely loud and lasted all day – and worst of all, Dhaka didn’t seem to have much talent (obviously we know this isn’t the case when it comes to working with children though!) The sounds of off key singing from men, women and children accompanied us all day. Not quite the peaceful day we had in mind.

Whilst in Dhaka not only have I been learning about Bengali culture from the locals, but also about Welsh culture from Menna. Yesterday Menna compared the talent show going on outside to a Eisteddfod in Wales. She told me all about Eisteddfods. Apparently they involve Druids! ‘Druids?! What like Gandolf?’ I asked. ‘Yeah, Druids are massive in Wales!’ she replied. ¬†How cool is that? Next trip for me after Bangladesh is so going to be Wales. It might seem a bit tame in comparison to Dhaka, but hey they’ve got Druids.

By Catriona


Dhaka University

Today we headed to Dhaka University to meet with Shaheen, the Head of the Educational and Counselling Psychology depatment and her fellow colleagues. As with all of our previous Bengali experiences – we were greeted by warmth, amazing hospitality and welcomeness (complemented by the most beautiful smelling flowers placed in the room – they were heavenly).

Shawnee, Head of the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology and her fellow colleagues

The aim of this meeting was to discuss the next steps in our Play Therapy ambition and the feasibility and practicalities of bringing professional standard Play Therapy training to Bangladesh. The professionally accredited Play Therapists would then be able to work therapeutically with the children here who need them the most.

Catriona and Menna outside the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology


The meeting was extremely successful and we left feeling that each of us was on the same page and each shared the same motivation and drive to move things forward in this exciting direction. The professionals we met today truly shared in the principles we too believe in.


We each of us are so excited about where the Play Therapy project will go in the near and long term future…. Such exciting times ahead for us all.

By Menna


 Jaago Sponsorship Update

I had a successful meeting with Raisul Alam today who works in Jaago’s sponsorship and child welfare department. We currently fund the salaries of 5 teachers at Jaago and today we have set up sponsorship of 30 children that attend Jaago schools across the country. The school educates and cares for children from families that earn less than 2.5 U.S. Dollars a day. Sponsorship is now available through The Orphan Trust, we will allocate you a child and you’ll receive a child profile, copies of the child’s work and school reports and a personal relationship with the child to exchange birthday greetings. Skype calls are also a possibility! Contact The Orphan Trust to sponsor your child in Bangladesh today – mina@orphantrust.co.uk

Thank you

By Christopher

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