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The Critical Need to Address Mental Health in Bangladesh

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According to WHO 15 Million people in Bangladesh are suffering with mental illness of various types. That’s 10 % of the population. Yet mental health is largely ignored in Bangladesh with the government focusing on chronic disease such as cancer, diabetes and hypertension which are have replaced traditional killers such as polio and leprosy.A 2015 study by Anwar Islam and Tuhin Biswas Published by the American Journal of Psychiatry and Neuroscience looks at the incidence of mental health in Bangladesh. The prevalence of Mental health issues amongst adults, women and children in Bangladesh  are surprisingly high, yet what make the most  alarming reading  is the sheer lack of mental health resource ….‘ there are only 0.073 psychiatrists per 100,000-population in the country most of them concentrated in major urban areas like the capital city of Dhaka.  Another study says there are only 10 known Psychiatrists in the whole country.

One only to think about the lack of mental health care in the UK, where we have an awareness of the issue, to get an idea of the enormity of the problem in Bangladesh where the definition of mental health was until 2017  based on The Lunacy act of 1912 where you are either classed as sane or a lunatic.

With the stigma attached around mental health, there is a complete lack of education and awareness of the signs of mental health and seeking appropriate help. People often misinterpret behavioural signs of mental illness as the work of evil spirits and seek out spiritual healers!

The mental health of a countries populations will have direct impact on the county’s development and economic productivity.

A copy of the study quoted above can be found by clicking here.


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