Orphantrust » Day 2 – The villages of Sirajganj and distribution of clothes

Day 2 – The villages of Sirajganj and distribution of clothes

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We have been in Bangladesh for less than 48hrs and so much has happened on very little sleep. We feel ill prepared for the long day ahead. The day starts in the usual Bengali fashion, a breakfast of daal and puri in a local cafe where there is bench style seating and we sit and eat with the locals. Already Mohima and I have assimilated well into the eating culture. Easy to do when the offerings are so good throughout the day.

We visit the sleepy villages of Shampur, Chilgacha, Kuraliya, in an 8 seater vehicle. We have a driver, the project manager in Sirajganj and our hosts from Shudha escorting us. The villages are set against a lush and vivid backdrop of rice paddies and lakes. Communities gather around the wells. These are as much a place of social chit chat for the villagers as they are a place for the children to play and wash and drink.

The wells are beautifully built and presented as a monument, and the people and children are proud and thankful for the gift. The wells cost only £150 to build and provide a source of fresh water that prevent the children from drinking from the lakes.

On route we distribute clothes to local traveller communities and the Hindu untouchable communities consisting of Sweepers, Dooms and Muchids. It is along day and at night we travel back to Dhaka on a bus. This is dangerous as the roads in Bangladesh are treacherous, this particular road is still under construction and accidents are frequent.

That night as I snuggled up in bed after taking a shower in our palatial room at the YWCA, the sheets which I treated as suspicious on our first night in Dhaka feel luxurious.

By Sofena Choudhury

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