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The Room – Part 2

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Whilst Saf and I walked upto our bedroom we decided after such a lovely evening with the villagers of Sirajganj, we could possibly stay the 2 nights as planned in room we had been given.

Before going to bed Bristi, Sofena and I decided to organise the clothes we wanted to distribute, into categories.

This would make it easier for us to hand out the following day.

Once completed we sat on our bed and instantly I saw an expression on Bristi’s face as if she had seen something she really didn’t want to see. (The frozen stance, big eyed stare and the noise you hear from someone who has seen something bad)

Whilst my heart skipped a beat both Sofena and I looked over to where Bristi was staring.

Three huge cockroaches about the length of more than half my face and 2cm wide were having a party on the cabinet in our room. (At the time it felt like they were moving at 100mph)

The next minute or so consisted of us all screaming pushing and running to get out the room.

This startled many of the neighbouring rooms who came out to see what the commotion was all about. Once they got to the  bottom of what was going on many laughed and re-entered their rooms. The owner of the hotel got us to clear our  belongings into Bristi’s room so he could spray pest killer around the room to exterminate the abnormally large creatures.

Surprisingly Sofena seemed more content than me at this point… I was twitching and jumping at everything because I thought it was one of them coming for me.

Some time later the man came to Bristi’s room and told us he had sprayed the room and they were all gone. We opened the room door with caution about an hour later and as we stepped in there was yet another huge cockroach running towards us. We ran back out screaming. Our host from Shuda told us to wait in his room whilst he would go to the shop and buy a big can of good quality pest spray. We told him he didn’t need to but he very kindly insisted anyhow.

Whilst we walked into his room Sofena closes his room door and yet again I see that oh so familiar look on Bristi’s face… before I could look Sofena begins screaming and running out the room.

Our host ran in and instantly killed it.

I am pretty sure they were trying to chase us out the building and they would have, had we had alternative accommodation. Being so late this was not the case. We eventually bravely returned to our room. We push our beds together and covered the crack between the mattresses with the travelling sheet that Christoper gave us incase of an emergency.

We created a den with a mosquito net and kept the light on all night and talked our way through to the morning. Our host knocked on our door at 7am and was surprised to learn we had not slept at all through the night.

He decided it would be best for us to squeeze everything into the next day and leave to return to back to Dhaka that evening…

By Mohima Shamsuddin

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