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Biddut Roy Reception

Biddut Roy Reception

Biddut lives with his parents in the northern district of  Dinajpur.  The economy of Dinajpur mainly depends upon agriculturally based production. Most are occupied as farm laborers.  Dinajpur is famous for its rice production.

Biddut’s father Sree Dhorone Royis  is a day laborer working as and when work is available. Biddut’s mother Rosona Rani Roy tends to the house and children.

Biddut dreams of becoming a doctor when he grows up.  In Bangladesh, the social and economic gap is so wide, it is virtually impossible to be a qualified professional on a state education. Bidduts parents could never dream of supporting his education through their meager earnings. His father being the sole earning member of the family, with seasonal work struggles to provide meals for the family.

Biddut Roy with his Mother & Father

Biddut Roy with his Mother & Father

Now thanks to Jaago Foundation and The Orphan Trust Sponsorship scheme Bidduts dream can become a reality. He can get an international standard private education that will really give him the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty. Thanks to our supporters we are able to help Biddut towards his dreams and enable him to accomplish his goals and lead a better life.

This is Biddut’s 1st School report Card [embeddoc url="http://orphantrust.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/biddutRoy-report-card1.pdf"]

We are so encouraged by Bidduts report. He is a bright student. He is very good in reading, writing and has a good understanding of the topics they are learning.


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