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Girls Jamming during a break session

Bottomley Home is an orphanage in Dhaka housing up to 140 girls who would otherwise be living in the streets, battling for survival. They arrive at all different ages but nearly all stay until they are adults leaving when married or when they have found careers.

Bottomley Home is run by nuns and provides a very high standard of education to girls up to the age of 18. Since the second world war the orphanage has been home to thousands of girls who have lost their parents. From within it’s walls many vocations have been achieved and many possibilities realised.

Bottomley House school is a Private school providing a high standard of education to the children of middle class fee paying parents. At the end of the second world war the Orphanage was opened to house the many poor and destitute girls the missionaries were finding in the rural area’s.  The Girls in the Orphanage are allowed to be educated at the school for free but the orphanage has to maintain itself and the girls clean and look after the school grounds in return for their free education.

Most of the girls when at the time of enrolment can barely read or write. They have they are suffering with issues of trauma. The Nuns through sheer dedication battle against the odds to bring these girls up to meet the high standards required by the school as well at their psychological and self esteem issues. Sister Bijoya, head of Bottomley Home Orphanage says ‘the girls come from quite a bleak and hard life. Then they are sitting in a class with girls who have very privileged lives, this affects their self esteem, but dealt with properly it can help their motivation.’

Sister Bijoya has hired extra teachers to give the girls private tuition to counter all the disadvantages they have suffered. The girls work hard, both educationally and for the upkeep of the school and orphanages. Despite the cramp and squalid conditions of the Orphanage the atmosphere is a really happy one. All the girls are one big community, supporting each other through school and duties as they all see this as the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty.

Most of the girls leave the school and go on to vocational careers as Nurses or teachers. 

However, like many such institutions, Bottomley house is underfunded and struggling to keep up with demand for places and resources.

We are working with Bottomley Home Orphanage to help improve the living conditions for these girls.