Orphantrust » Bottomley House Refurbishment

Last year with your help we brought a computer for the girls at Bottomley House, a years worth of stationary, text books and medical supplies.

The girls at Bottomley House live in crammed conditions.  They sleep on 1950’s metal hospital beds that are lined up side by side to allow maximum capacity which means roughly 5 girls squeezed between 2 beds! The beds have plywood slats and thin mattresses which combined with the humidity harbour bugs and insects causing the girls all sorts of rashes and skin problems.

On seeing the cramped and difficult living conditions a Norwegian NGO has paid for the orphanage to have a new set of dormitories built. However the orphanage themselves must find alternative funs to furnish the new rooms.

The orphan Trust would like to fund the cost of 140 beds mattresses and linen which will go to help directly improve the living conditions for the girls.

140 single beds                 £7000

Mattrasses                          £1120

Pillows & Cover                 £ 500

Bed linen                             £560

Lockers & Shelves            £1960

Total                                      £11,140.00

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