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Dighi Akhtar Reception

Dighi Akhtar




‘Dighi is a very active child. She has very good understanding capability. She has the potential to have a very bright future.’

  Comments from Dighi’s school report





Dighi lives in Madripur, situated on the banks of the Padma river. The area is prone to regular flooding. The economy of the area is reliant on fishing and agriculture.

She lives with her father Mohammad Delowar Talukder who is a daily labor and mother Nurnahar Begum who is self-employed as a cleaner.

Dighi  wishes to be a doctor when she grows up. Her parents are well aware that a good education is the only way Dighi will have a better life. In this region it is normal for children to work as families rely on all incomes just to eat. Her parents are overjoyed that Dighi has an opportunity to attend the Jaago school and get international standard private education. They are working hard and going without so Dighi can attend school. We are sponsoring the cost of Dighi’s education so that together we can help Dighi attain her goal and educate her way out of the cycle of poverty.

Dighi with her Mother

Dighi with her Mother


Dighi’s School report [embeddoc url="http://orphantrust.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/dighiakhtar-reportcard1.pdf"]

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