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 Eva Mustafa Akhter

Eva Mustafa Akhter

‘Eva is a very bright child. She will have a great future if she keeps working hard like this’                

Extract from Eva’s school report

Eva lives in Madaripur, a district in central Bangladesh. The geography of the region, like much of the country, is governed by its waterways; the district is intersected by the Arial Khan river and its northern border fenced by its source, the greater Padma river. As such, the regions greatest source of employment – agricultural labouring – remains fragile in the face of repeated flooding. This, combined with political regional upheaval and occasional outbreaks of religious violence, means much of Madaripur faces real and widespread destitution. Eva’s father Nazibdollah Howlader is her family’s only source of income. Her family can only support her elder brother, as is common, through schooling. Despite these obstacles, through the JAAGO foundation, Eva is truly flourishing.

Eva with her mother

Eva with her mother

Showing a maturity beyond her years, Eva’s dream of becoming a schoolteacher now truly has real potential; her hard work, with the help of sponsors and the JAAGO foundation, is paying real dividends. Her near complete attendance, progress in all development areas and outstanding results are a source of pride to the foundation, us as a charity and most importantly her family. As she is steadily equipped to fulfill her dream, we are confident that Eva – as an ambitious, confident and fun-loving child – will become the teacher she  ought to be. If her trajectory continues, Bangladesh is set to gain both an example and a teacher of our mantra: that through education, the cycle of poverty can and will be broken.



Eva’s Half Year School Report

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