Orphantrust » How We Work

Our method is simple. We seek out poor and underfunded orphanages and care centres.

Children Bangladesh

We seek out poor and underfunded orphanages, child refuges and educational  projects which directly benefit street children. We assess their needs and future plans. We get a wish list from them to meet their immediate and future needs and fundraise on their behalf.

We vet and monitor the projects we support closely to ensure all the money is spent on the items for which it was raised. We ensure that all the money you donate is spent items which will directly benefit the child.

Our organisation is volunteer led. We do not pay any expenses or salaries. We do not have offices. ALL volunteers meet their own expenses to ensure all your donations are used to benefit the children. We are a group of like mined individuals who have combined our energy, expertise and resources to create the Orphan Trust to enable our donors to give knowing that every penny of their donation will go to the projects we support.

Our donation is meeting the cost of running the trust so we can ensure 100% of your donation goes to helping the children and projects we support.

 Everyone working for the orphan trust is a volunteer. All expenses, including travel to and from the centres/orphanages, will be met by the volunteer. Every penny raised will go directly to the orphanages and those who need it, and every penny must be accounted for by the recipients.

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