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Thanks to your support we are now sponsoring the education of children living in some of the most deprived area’s of Bangladesh through the Jaago Foundation.

Jaago provides free private standard education to slum children who may otherwise be working or begging. They have set up a 1:1 sponsorship programme for each of their students. £18 a month pays for a child’s  tuition, school bag, uniform, books, stationary, nutrition, and  health checks,

One of the key elements of the 1:1 sponsorship programme is to create and nurture a bond between the child and sponsor. A lot of these children, are at school against the odds. They are sons and daughters of menial works, maids servant’s rickshaw drivers etc. Sometimes it’s difficult to understand the benefits of an education. Having a sponsor, outside of their world makes a huge difference. The sponsor receives regular report cards of the child progress. Communication between the sponsor and child is encouraged to give the child a sense of worth, belonging and of what is possible.

The following pages are the profiles of some of the children we sponsor. Whilst we would love to take on more children we do not have the capacity to nurture quality relationships with each child. If you would like to become a one on one mentor please do get in touch- mina@orphantrust.co.uk and we will set up the relevant communication channels.


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