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Poto Shishu Sheba Shongaton is a volunteer led organisation that works on the front line to help the street children of Dhaka. They set up temporary camps around various parts of Dhaka, bringing toys, colouring books and a few hours of recreation to the kids who are forced to grow up long before their time. The volunteers are students, graduates, local business people and professionals. For a few hours the kids can forget about their efforts to survive and just be children. The volunteers also use these sessions to talk to the children, create bonds, provide counselling, and first aid.  If they find a child with serious problems or issues, they try and find a shelter or hostel they can refer them to.

Lucio who set up Poto Shishu  Sheba 7 years ago says ‘the organisation does not need, nor want any money’.  The costs of running the projects are minimal. ‘What we need are more volunteers to enable us to go to a particular location more than once or twice a week’.

The organisation is the 1st port of call for a lot of these children who are suspicious and mistrusting of adults. just being allowed to sit and play for a few hours, allows them to slowly build relationships of trust. For many of these children just having an adult they can trust and turn to is a massive help. 

The children often have cuts, bruises and war wounds from everyday survival on the street. These sessions are used to give them 1st aid, clean and dress their wounds and supply them with medication if needed.

Poto Shishu is in desperate need of volunteers to enable them to continue this vital service for the children on the streets of Dhaka. We are working with Poto Shishu to develop a volunteer programme to enable volunteers from the U.K to go to Dhaka and work them.

If you are interested in volunteering please email mina@orphantrust.co.uk for more information.

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