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Priyanka Roy

Priyanka Roy

Priyanka Roy lives in Dinajpur, Bangladesh. Dinajpur is a region in the north-east of the country, towards Bangladesh’s more mountainous neighbours Sikkim, Nepal and Arunachal Pradesh. The region is popular with tourists as it hosts some of Bangladesh’s most famous architectural sites, of which the Kantajew Temple, a late medieval Hindi place of worship, is perhaps the most renown. Although the region fares better than some, it remains poor; the economy of the district is primarily reliant on the production of rice and employment varies little from agricultural labouring. Indeed Priyanka’s father, Bimal Chandra, is one of these farmers.

Priyanka and her family

Priyanka and his family

Whilst he works hard, there is little to spare for Priyanka’s education; without the generosity of sponsors and the work of the JAAGO Foundation Priyanka would likely be working, receiving little to no schooling.

Instead, Priyanka is now thriving under the standard of education provided by the foundation. She is an adorable five year old – happy, curious and mischievous – who is now working toward the future she deserves. Priyanka is one of the youngest children we sponsor but her maturity is clear to see; she is adamant, much to the delight of her teachers and family, that she is to become a doctor when she’s older. If her attendance, hard work and development continues, she stands a real chance fulfilling her dream.


Here is Priyanka’s school report: [embeddoc url="http://orphantrust.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Priyanka-Roy.pdf"]

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