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Restless Beings – 100 kids village

The restless beings 100 kids village is an opportunity to directly help and improve the lives of the most vulnerable and marginalised children in society.

Restless Beings was launched in 2008 by a group of like-minded students and professionals frustrated by the acts of human rights violations and marginalisation occurring across the world. They have a number of different campaigns, which are fuelled by a passion to voice the most persecuted communities across the world. Their projects vary from fighting for the rights of the women of the Ala Kachu Tribe, to fighting for the rights of the persecuted and massacred Rohingyas – details of all their projects can be seen on www.restlessbeings.org.

In 2008 Resless Beings opened a drop in centre for the street kids of Dhaka. These children are most persecuted and vulnerable members of Bangladesh. Once exposed to drugs, sex trafficking, organised crime and violence, these kids are difficult to rehabilitate and trust no one. Only the most resilient survive on the streets. They have no voice and no protection. Over half the children living on the streets of Dhaka are under the age of 10!! The centre is a refuge for the children, offering the opportunity of sanitation, food and rehabilitation from the drugs and violence of the streets if only for a few hours. Unfortunately the centre only has enough space to accommodate 20 children. Over the years they have maintained contact with and earned the trust of many kids and the centre in Dhaka is no longer sufficient. They desperately need to expand.


The 100 kids village is a project to build a safe haven for 100 children where they can be educated and rehabilitated giving them an opportunity to a future they deserve. The Village will consist of:

  • a school building with classrooms and offices
  • an accommodation building to house 100 children
  • a playground area in the middle of the village complex
  • a fishery, where children can breed fish to sell to the local markets

We want to support this project because we will able to see it from the very start, monitor it and watch it grow, along with the children that are involved in the project itself. The money will go directly to the centre and every penny you donate will be accounted for and go directly to the children. This is the opportunity to make a direct and tangible difference to the lives of the most vulnerable and persecuted.

The project requires £131k all together – break down of the cost can be found here:


The Land they wish to acquire is privately owned by a contact of Dr. Zaki who also works for restless beings as a field worker on streets of Dhaka.

They need £ 75k just for the land. It’s around 30 acres in size.

They have raised just under £50k through the 100kids project, and are very close to achieving the cost of the land.

Let’s support Restless Beings in their effort to get 100 kids off the streets of Dhaka and an opportunity at a life they deserve.