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Saymum Alif aged 5

Saymun Alif aged 5

‘Saymun is a very attentive child who has shown progress in every field. She has a very bright future’ - Extract from Saymun’s recent report card

Saymun, like many of our other students, lives in Dinajpur. Dinajpur is a region in the north-east of the country, towards Bangladesh’s more mountainous neighbours Sikkim, Nepal and Arunachal Pradesh. The region is popular with tourists as it hosts some of Bangladesh’s most famous architectural and cultural sites. Because of this the region fares slightly better than other districts; literacy and poverty rates however, in comparison to international standards, remain poor. These statistics for females especially, as elsewhere in Bangladesh, are markedly more worrying – making the education of Saymun, a five year old girl, all the more important. Whilst the economy of the region is predominantly based on agriculture and coal production, Saymun’s mother, unlike many of the other children’s parents, does not work in the the fields or in the factory – she runs a small business.

Saymum and her mother

Saymun and her mother

Although this business brings her some success, the difficulties of being a single parent mean she couldn’t possibly afford to educate Saymun to the standard which she now enjoys.

Saymun, although only five this past autumn, has been showing clear signs of progress under the work of the Jaago foundation. Her attendance has improved steadily and as such her literacy, social interaction and other performance indicators have dramatically improved.

Her teachers delight at her creativity – she is a confident and imaginative little artist, and her drawing skills are genuinely impressive for someone her age.

Saymun dreams of becoming a doctor, and here at the Orphan Trust, we, alongside the Jaago foundation, are desperate to give her every opportunity.

You can read Saymun’s school report here: [embeddoc url="http://orphantrust.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Saymin-Alif-1.pdf"]