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StreetWise is a boarding house that provides a safe home environment and education to underprivileged children. Started by Anita Arpana Muyeed in 2006, she and her cousin invited 10 children who worked as rag pickers and street hawkers to her garage for tuition. The children would return each day for more education and lessons. Anita was amazed by how street savvy these kids were. One of the major hurdles to their continued education was the fact that these kids had families who depended on their income.  A few hours at school meant less time on the streets trading, which diminished an already meagre income. It was clear that this approach was not sustainable and the growing pressure to provide for their families will inevitably lead them back to a life on the streets.

And so began a unique model for education for the young breadwinners.  Anita, an Art and Design Technology teacher by profession, gets the children to earn and learn at the same time. They produced a line of stationary and cards all bearing the art and designs created by the children in their art classes. All of the designs are printed so that the children aren’t working endless hours to make money. All of the products they produce are simply a by-product of their art classes.

The Products have been retailed at premium shops throughout Dhaka and proved a roaring success generating over 60 % of Streewise’s income.

50% of profits from sales go to the children’s saving fund to provide income to their families. The remaining 50% is used to meet running costs of the school.

Since 2006 the number of children in streetwise boarding house has increased to 21. The Children live in a rented flat.  All the children in the house are groups of siblings which mean’s an entire generation in a family is being given the chance to break the cycle of poverty and making it more probable that the break will be sustained. The children attend local public schools to ensure they receive a privileged education to counter all the disadvantages they have from being from the streets.

The Orphan Trust is committed to helping the children at street wise to continue producing  and selling their line of products, as it directly benefits them. The income frees them up for education and is helping them to become self-sufficient.

We would like to raise £2500.00 per year to help street wise meet the costs of running their stationary and card line.

If you would like to order some products please log on to www.streetwise.com.bd and look on their online shop.

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