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Ujjal Roy in his favourite shirt

Ujjal Roy lives in Dinajpur, Bangladesh. Dinajpur is a region in the north-east of the country, towards Bangladesh’s more mountainous neighbours Sikkim, Nepal and Arunachal Pradesh. The region is popular with tourists as it hosts some of Bangladesh’s most famous architectural sites, of which the Kantajew Temple, a late medieval Hindi place of worship, is perhaps the most renown. Although the region fares better than some, it remains poor; the economy of the district is primarily reliant on the production of rice and employment varies little from agricultural labouring.

Dhononjoy Roy, Ujjal’s father, is one such agricultural labourer. Despite his hardwork, Dhononjoy struggles to provide for his family and certainly could not offer his son the education which he currently enjoys. Without the JAAGO foundation Ujjal would most likely be joining his father in the fields to  support their family, rather than working toward his own future.

Ujjal's family

Ujjal’s family

Ujjal, under the teaching of the JAAGO foundation, is now flourishing. His literacy, problem solving and sociability has dramatically improved in the last year. He is now reading and writing with confidence, and is showing real academic promise.

Whilst Ujjal is as playful, fun and childish as any of the children we sponsor (if not more so!) he has adult ambitions: showing a maturity beyond his age, Ujjal dreams of becoming an academic and going to university. We hear this is a real source of pride for his teachers. If Ujjal’s hard work continues, under the guidance of the foundation, he has a real fighting chance of fulfilling his dreams.


You can read Ujjal’s school report here:[embeddoc url="http://orphantrust.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Saymin-Alif.pdf"]

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