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The Char Fasson Orphanage was opened in 1970 in response to a devastating cyclone and tidal surge that killed hundreds of thousands of people. The land was donated to UNICEF by a local land owner. UNICEF then funded the construction.

Char Fasson is located on the island of Bhola, a rural costal district most vulnerable to Bangladesh’s climatic misfortunes. Consequently it is among the most poorest and least developed districts of Bangladesh which is itself one of the poorest countries in the world!

Since the beginning the orphanage has been funded by various international donors. All the funding commitments ended in 2006 and the orphanage found itself having to survive on an annual grant of 410,000 BDT (£3200) from the Bangladesh government when in fact the annual running costs of the orphanage were around 2,037,500 BDT (£15,800) per annum.

In 2009 Lesley Siemiens, a registered Nurse visited the Orphanage to find the orphans living in deplorable conditions, in a run down and condemned building, surviving on 3 meals of watery rice and the occasional vegetable stew a day. Lesley, together with a number of other likeminded women, started the Char Fasson Children’s Fund to provide much needed donations to the orphanage. More information about the orphanage and the orphans can be found on www.charfassonchildrensfund.org. As a result of their fundraising, and support from dedicated individuals in England and Australia , the orphanage has a new building and the lives of the 60 orphans it houses is improving, but there is much work to do and the orphanage needs financial help.

We would like to support char Fasson and improve the lives of the orphans of poverty.

Here is a photo of what it is like for them at the moment and a list of the items we would like to provide along with estimated cost:

At the moment, the boys sleep on makeshift beds with old and very dirty mattresses. They keep what possessions they have in makeshift boxes and cases.  They study by sitting on their beds, apart from the most senior boys who have a study room.  We decided that they should be provided with simple desks/cupboards build against the walls at the head of their beds in which they can keep things and use the shelf at the top to study.  There would be one shelf running between two beds, six foot in length. This would give them an opportunity to have their own personal area.

Update: 13th January 2013

We have now sent just over £5,000 to pay for the beds, mattresses etc and have had a lovely email from the Director of Char Fasson below:

From: Serajul Islam
Sent: 13 January 2013 16:42
To: Mina Morris
Subject: RE: money transfer

Dear Mina Apa,
I have picked up the money,Many many thanks to you for your generous donation for the orphanage, we are so great full to you for your hard work. You are always in our hearts and minds. I will be very happy if you come to visit the orphanage. Boys are very happy to have their new beds, they pray for your healthy life.
Fondest regards,

Serajul Islam,Director
Char Fasson Orphanage
US-based fundraising organization: www.charfassonchildrensfund.org